On 10/05/2010 10:23 AM, Storm Zhang wrote:
Sorry, I should say one more thing about the 500 procs test. I tried to run two 500 procs at the same time using SGE and it runs fast and finishes at the same time as the single run. So I think OpenMPI can handle them separately very well. 

For the bind-to-core, I tried to run mpirun --help but not find the bind-to-core info. I only see bynode or byslot options. Is it same as bind-to-core? My mpirun shows version 1.3.3 but ompi_info shows 1.4.2.

No, -bynode/-byslot is for mapping not binding.  I cannot explain the different release versions of ompi_info and mpirun.  Have you done a which to see where each of them are located.  Anyways, 1.3.3 does not have any of the -bind-to-* options.

Thanks a lot.


On Mon, Oct 4, 2010 at 9:18 PM, Eugene Loh <eugene.loh@oracle.com> wrote:
Storm Zhang wrote:

Here is what I meant: the results of 500 procs in fact shows it with 272-304(<500) real cores, the program's running time is good, which is almost five times 100 procs' time. So it can be handled very well. Therefore I guess OpenMPI or Rocks OS does make use of hyperthreading to do the job. But with 600 procs, the running time is more than double of that of 500 procs. I don't know why. This is my problem.  
BTW, how to use -bind-to-core? I added it as mpirun's options. It always gives me error " the executable 'bind-to-core' can't be found. Isn't it like:
mpirun --mca btl_tcp_if_include eth0 -np 600  -bind-to-core scatttest

Thanks for sending the mpirun run and error message.  That helps.

It's not recognizing the --bind-to-core option.  (Single hyphen, as you had, should also be okay.)  Skimming through the e-mail, it looks like you are using OMPI 1.3.2 and 1.4.2.  Did you try --bind-to-core with both?  If I remember my version numbers, --bind-to-core will not be recognized with 1.3.2, but should be with 1.4.2.  Could it be that you only tried 1.3.2?

Another option is to try "mpirun --help".  Make sure that it reports --bind-to-core.

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