Hi Daniel

I had actually volunteered to do this once Apple provided me with the required Mac OSX Server license, but I honestly haven't had time to do so. We would welcome any patches you can provide!

The relevant code is located in orte/mca/plm/xgrid/src. I believe it currently compiles, but doesn't work - you'll need to verify that situation. To build the code, just add --with-xgrid to the configure line.

I believe the code contains comments from the prior developer, but I'll be happy to answer questions as to the required operations. The most critical file is plm_xgrid_module.m. Basically, the code creates some fake node entries required by ORTE, and then spawns the ORTE daemons. Once this is accomplished, ORTE will do the rest - all you need to do is get those daemons out there! :-)

Some of the required xgrid "glue" is in plm_xgrid_component.m, so please take a look at it too.

I think the ORTE stuff is right, but the xgrid interface is out-of-date.


On Sep 30, 2010, at 5:12 PM, Daniel Beatty wrote:

Greetings all,
I am working on obtaining a developer or time for myself to work on restoring support for MPI using Xgrid.  Do we have any documentation on the Xgrid supporting section of Open-MPI, and could you point out to me what sections of MPI that were providing the said support in the first place.  

Thank you,
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