Whoops!  A config change on our server accidentally resulted in anyone going to the snapshot directories being bounced out back to the main web page.  The technical details aren't interesting; I fixed it now.
Sorry about that -- thanks for reporting it to us!

From: users-bounces@open-mpi.org [mailto:users-bounces@open-mpi.org] On Behalf Of Ken Mighell
Sent: Tuesday, June 13, 2006 1:46 PM
To: users@open-mpi.org
Subject: [OMPI users] Where are the nightly tarballs?

Dear OpenMPI team,

I was trying to pull over the latest nightly tarball from the OpenMPI web site.
Clicking on "Download" and then "Nightly snapshots" points to the page
which gives 3 links:
"1.0.x series"
"1.1.x series"
which all point to the main OpenMPI page
So where is last night's tarball and what is its filename?

Best regards,

-Ken Mighell