Looks to me like you have a misspelling in your program - it is looking for something called "mp_barrier", which doesn't exist in an MPI library.

Did you mean to use "mpi_barrier"?

On Jul 30, 2010, at 8:55 AM, LB wrote:


I am trying to compile a Fortran77 program which supports PVM and MPI. When I link compiled objects by

mpif77  -B100 -o runme olib/*.o clib/*.o -L/usr/X11R6/lib64 -L/usr/X11R6/lib -lX11 -L$PVM_ROOT/lib/$PVM_ARCH  -lfpvm3 -lpvm3

I get the following error

/opt/intel/fce/9.1.036/lib/libimf.so: warning: warning: feupdateenv is not implemented and will always fail
olib/vtask.o: In function `vtask_':
vtask.f:(.text+0x11c): undefined reference to `mp_barrier_'
vtask.f:(.text+0x147): undefined reference to `mp_barrier_'

mpif77 is linked to ifort.

Adding -lmpi to the linker command doesn't change anything. How can I resolve this problem?

Thank you.
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