It does.  The big difference is that MUMPS is a 3-minute compile, and PETSc, erm, isn't.  It's..longer...


On 19/07/2010 12:56 PM, Daniel Janzon wrote:
Thanks a lot! PETSc seems to be really solid and integrates with MUMPS
suggested by Damien.

All the best,
Daniel Janzon

On 7/18/10, Gustavo Correa <> wrote:
Check PETSc:

On Jul 18, 2010, at 12:37 AM, Damien wrote:

You should check out the MUMPS parallel linear solver.

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On 2010-07-17, at 5:16 PM, Daniel Janzon <> wrote:

Dear OpenMPI Users,

I successfully installed OpenMPI on some FreeBSD machines and I can
run MPI programs on the cluster. Yippie!

But I'm not patient enough to write my own MPI-based routines. So I
thought maybe I could ask here for suggestions. I am primarily
interested in general linear algebra routines. The best would be to
for instance start Octave and just use it as normal, only that all
matrix operations would run on the cluster. Has anyone done that? The
octave-parallel package seems to be something different.

I installed scalapack and the test files ran successfully with mpirun
(except a few of them). But the source code examples of scalapack
looks terrible. Is there no higher-level library that provides an API
with matrix operations, which have all MPI parallelism stuff handled
for you in the background? Certainly a smart piece of software can
decide better than me how to chunk up a matrix and pass it out to the
available processes.

All the best,
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