Dear all,
How can I decide the configure options? I am greatly confused.
I am using school's high performance computer.
But the openmpi there is version 1.3.2, old, so I want to build the new one.
I am new to openmpi, I have built the openmpi and it doesn't work, I built and installed it to my own directory.
I use the following configure options,
./configure --with-sge --prefix=$MY_OWN_DIR --with-psm
but it won't work and failed with somelines like
......lib/openmpi/mca_ess_hnp: file not found (ignored)
in the output file.
I guess my configure is wrong, could you tell me the meaning of --with-psm, --with-sge, do I need to add other options? I guess the computing nodes are using infiniband, but how to build with that? If I don't have the su right, can I build it? What should I pay attettion if I want to build and use my own openmpi?
You see, in a personal multicore computer, building is so easy and mpirun the program without any problems. But in school's hpc, it fails all the time.
Please help. Thank you all.
Zhigang Wei
NatHaz Modeling Laboratory
University of Notre Dame
112J FitzPatrick Hall
Notre Dame, IN 46556