What's the firewall setting on the remote node? Could you try to add an exception for the application, or turn off the firewall completely?


On 2010-5-24 4:44 PM, Rajnesh Jindel wrote:
When I specify the hosts separately on the commandline, as follows, the process completes as expected.
mpirun -np 8 -host remotehost,localhost myapp
Output appears for the localhost and a textfile is created on the remotehost

However when I use a hostfile the remote processes never complete. I can see the output from the local processes and by remote login I can see that that processes are being started on the remote machine but never complete.

The is a simple reduce example using boost.mpi (v1.43) I'm using windows 7 x64 pro on both machines and openmpi 1.4.2 the hostfile and athe app are in the same locaion on both machines.

Any idea why this is happening?

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