I am resending this because I am not sure if it was sent out to the OMPI list.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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On 05/19/10 13:19, Michael E. Thomadakis wrote:
I would like to build OMPI V1.4.2 and make it available to our users at the 
Supercomputing Center at Texas A&M Univ. Our system is a 2-socket, 4-core Nehalem 
@2.8GHz, 24GiB DRAM / node, 324 nodes connected to 4xQDR Voltaire fabric, 
CentOS/RHEL 5.4.

I have been trying to find the following information :

1) high-resolution timers: how do I specify the HRT linux timers in the
 line of ./configure ?

2) I have installed blcr V0.8.2 but when I try to built OMPI and I point to the 
full installation it complains it cannot find it. Note that I build BLCR with 
GCC but I am building OMPI with Intel compilers (V11.1)

3) Does OMPI by default use SHM for intra-node message IPC but reverts to IB for 
inter-node ?

4) How could I select the high-speed transport, say DAPL or OFED IB verbs ? Is 
there any preference as to the specific high-speed transport over Mellanox/Voltaire QDR IB?

5) When we launch MPI jobs via PBS/TORQUE do we have control on the task and 
thread placement on nodes/cores ?

6) Can we suspend/restart cleanly OMPI jobs with the above scheduler ? Any 
caveats on suspension / resumption of OMPI jobs ?

7) Do you have any performance data comparing OMPI vs say MVAPICHv2 and 
IntelMPI ? This is not a political issue since I am groing to be providing all 
these MPI stacks to our users (IntelMPI V4.0 already installed). 

Thank you so much for the great s/w ...


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