You should probably look at the README file that is included with Open MPI -- it has instructions for compiling and installing Open MPI.  Additionally, there is quite a bit of information in the Open MPI FAQ, particularly under the "Building Open MPI" section (
Open MPI does not have lamboot, lamclean, wipe, lamgrow -- these are LAM-specific commands.  See the "Running MPI Jobs" section of the Open MPI FAQ (
Open MPI does provide the C++ MPI bindings, typically without any additional libraries (you need a functioning C++ compiler that is compile- and link-compatible with your C compiler, of course).

From: [] On Behalf Of imran shaik
Sent: Friday, May 26, 2006 2:04 AM
To: openMPI mailing list
Subject: [OMPI users] getting started with openMPI

Hi ,
I am a newbie of openMPI.
I was running LAM/MPI. I was able to buld latest version of lam 7.1.2.
I am using RedHat 9(shrike).

Do i need additional libraries to build openMPI? Can i just build in a simple way as in LAM/MPI?

Are there any equivalents of lamboot,lamclean, wipe, lamgrow tools in openMPI?

Does openMPI provide C++ support without any additional libraries(on my system) as in LAM/MPI 7.1.2?

Sorry for flooding with too many questions. I actually need to make quick decision on OpenMPI. :-(

Thanks in advance.!


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