I am using open mpi v1.3.4 with BLCR 0.8.2. I have been testing my openmpi based program on a 3-node cluster (each node is a Intel Nehalem based dual quad core) and I have been successful in checkpointing and restarting the program successfully multiple times.


Recently I moved to a 15 node cluster with the same configuration and I started seeing the problem with ompi-restart.


Ompi-checkpoint gets completed successfully and I terminate the program after that. I have ensured that there are no MPI processes before I restarted. When I restart using ompi-restart, I get the error in restarting few of the MPI processes and the error message is “found pid 4185 in use; Restart failed: Device or Resource busy” (of course with different pid numbers). What I found was that when the MPI process was restarted, it got restarted on a different node than what it was running before termination and found that it cannot reuse the pid.


Unlike cr_restart (BLCR), ompi-restart doesn’t have an option to say not to use the same pid with option such as “--no-restore-pid”. Since ompi-restart in turn calls cr_restart, I tried to alias cr_restart to “cr_restart --no-restore-pid”. This actually made the problem “pid in use” go away and the process completes successfully. However if I call ompi-checkpoint on the restarted open MPI job, both the openMPI job (all MPI processes) and the checkpoint command hang forever. I guess this is because of the fact that ompi-restart has different set of pids compared to the actual pids that are running.


Long story short, I am stuck with this problem as I cannot get the original pids during restart.


I really appreciate if you have any other options to share with me which I can use to overcome this problem.




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