In further discussions with other OMPI team members, I double checked (should have checked this in the beginning, sorry): OFED 1.0rc4 does not support 64 bit on PPC64 platforms; it only supports 32 bit on PPC64 platforms.
Mellanox says that 1.0rc5 (cut this morning) supports 64 bit on PPC64 platforms.
Can you try upgrading?  Sorry for all the hassle.  :-(

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Okay, I rebuilt using those diffs. Currently I am still having issues with pallas however. That being said I think my issue is more with compiling/linking pallas. Here is my pallas make_$arch file:

MPI_HOME = /opt/ompi/
CC = ${MPI_HOME}/bin/mpicc
LDFLAGS = -m64

Again ldd'ing the IMB-MPI1 file works fine, and the compilation completes okay.

On 5/25/06, Jeff Squyres (jsquyres) <> wrote:
Gleb just committed some fixes for the PPC64 issue last night ( ).  It should only affect the eager RDMA issues, but it would be a worthwhile datapoint if you could test with (i.e., specify no MCA parameters on your mpirun command line, so it should use RDMA by default).
I'm waiting for my own PPC64 machine to be reconfigured so that I can test again; can you try with r10059 or later?

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It makes no difference on my end. Exact same error.

On 5/24/06, Andrew Friedley <> wrote:
Paul wrote:
> Somebody call orkin. ;-P
> Well I tried running it with things set as noted in the bug report.
> However it doesnt change anything on my end. I am willing to do any
> verification you guys need (time permitting and all). Anything special
> needed to get mpi_latency to compile ? I can run that to verify that
> things are actually working on my end.
> [root@something ompi]# 
Shouldn't the parameter be '--mca btl_openib_use_eager_rdma'?

> [root@something ompi]# /opt/ompi/bin/mpirun --mca btl_openmpi_use_srq 1
> -np 2 -hostfile machine.list ./IMB-MPI1

Same here - '--mca btl_openib_use_srq'

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