I didn't do a formal uninstall as you demonstate below, but instead went
into the 'prefix' directory and renamed 'bin','lib','etc','include', and 'share'
before running the 1.0.2 build and install.  That way I didn't blow up my
1.0.1 installation, and it was easy to switch back in case the 1.0.2 install
didn't work.  I was sure this procedure was legitimate, but maybe I missed
something?  As far as I know all executable, library, and include paths
are identical between the two, so what else should I change?

T. Rosmond

Michael Kluskens wrote:
One possibility is that you didn't properly uninstall version 1.0.1  
before installing version 1.0.2 & 1.0.3.

There was a change with some of the libraries a while back that  
caused me a similar problem.  An install of later versions of OpenMPI  
do not remove certain libraries from 1.0.1.

You absolutely have to:

cd openmpi1.0.1
sudo make uninstall
cd ../openmpi1.0.2
sudo make install

I have had no trouble in the past with PGF90 version 6.1-3 and  
OpenMPI 1.1a on a dual Operton 1.4 GHz machine running Debian Linux.


On May 24, 2006, at 7:43 PM, Tom Rosmond wrote:

After using OPENMPI Ver 1.0.1 for several months without trouble,  
last week
I decided to upgrade to Ver 1.0.2.  My primary motivation was  
to see if
there was any performance benefit.  To my surprise, several of my F90
refused to run with the newer version.  I also tried Ver 1.0.3a1r10036
with the same
result.  In all 3 cases I configured the build identically.  Even that
old chestnut 'hello.f'
will not run with the newer versions.  I ran it in the totalview
debugger and can see
that it is hanging in the MPI initialization code before it gets to  
F90 application.
 I am using the Ver 6.1 PGF90 64bit compiler on a Linux Opteron
workstation with 2
dual core 2.4 GHZ processors.  If you think it it is worthwhile to
pursue this problem
further, what could I send you to help troubleshoot the problem?
Meanwhile I have
gone back to 1.0.1, which works fine on everything.

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