Try running it with

mpirun -mca oob_tcp_if_exclude=

That will tell OMPI to ignore the interface

On Apr 29, 2010, at 7:36 AM, Nguyen Kim Son wrote:

I think the problem reside the orted.  As I tested mpirun in 2 virtual machines(fedora) in Windows, the communication between the two is through eth1 but not eth0. After lauching

ps aux | grep orted

the results is:

/usr/lib/openmpi/bin/orted --daemonize -mca ess env -mca orte_ess_jobid -1233715200 -mca orte_ess_vpid 1 -mca orte_ess_num_procs 2 --hnp-uri 3061252096.0;tcp://;tcp:// --mca btl tcp,self

I think the bold part is not supposed to be there as orted try to do something with the IP of windows machine.
Is there someway to start orted manually?


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