I created new projects from scratch using CMake 2.6.4, selected the source dir and target dir and chose Visual Studio 8 2005 Win64. Pressed configure twice to accept all the default setting and then generate. When I open the Visual Studio project file for ompi_info (ompi\tools\ompi_info\ompi_info.vcproj) in a text editor there are multiple copies of the following line:


PreprocessorDefinitions="WIN32,_WINDOWS,_DEBUG,_USRDLL,OPAL_IMPORTS,OMPI_IMPORTS,ORTE_IMPORTS,"OMPI_CONFIGURE_DATE=\"07:54 AM Mon 04/19/2010 \"","OMPI_BUILD_DATE=\"07:54 AM Mon 04/19/2010 \"",CMAKE_INTDIR=\"Debug\""


Opening the project in Visual Studio and going to properties, configuration options, C/C++, Preprocessor, the processor defitions string contains:









"OMPI_CONFIGURE_DATE=\"07:54 AM Mon 04/19/2010 \""

"OMPI_BUILD_DATE=\"07:54 AM Mon 04/19/2010 \""






From: Shiqing Fan []
Sent: Friday, April 16, 2010 10:59 AM
To: Open MPI Users
Cc: Kuppers, Ben SIEP-PTT/SDRM
Subject: Re: [OMPI users] import/export issues on Windows


Hi Ben,

I believe changing OMPI_DECLSPEC to __declspec(dllexport) inside functions.h will allow the cxx module to build (and export the function) but will break any client using (and thus trying to import) it. OMPI_DECLSPEC should only be defined as __declspec(dllexport) while compiling the cxx module (say when libmpi_cxx_EXPORTS is defined).

Yes, as long as there are more functions to export, they have to be defined in that way. I don't see any option for Intel Compiler to manage this automatically.

BTW, I also noticed that the Intel compiler has issues with the preprocessor definitions for ompi_info "OMPI_CONFIGURE_DATE=\"03:18 PM Wed 04/14/2010 \"" and

"OMPI_BUILD_DATE=\"03:18 PM Wed 04/14/2010 \"". The quotes around the definitions throw it off completely. Is that something that CMake does or do you instruct CMake to do this? Both the Intel and Microsoft compiler work correctly without them.

In which project did you see those preprocessor definitions? Because for me, I don't see them. Actually, they are not used as preprocessors in the whole solution, but they are only some cached variables in CMake. Could you please try to do a clean configuration with CMake, and see if they still exists?