What is "PTP"?

Also, note that your default hostfile name is probably incorrect - it looks like it is missing a '/' at the beginning of it.

On Apr 16, 2010, at 8:33 AM, Mario Ogrizek wrote:

Hi, I've been redirected from PTP mailing list, so i hope i will find help here.
This is the problem:

I am running Open MPI v1.4 on OS X SL.
When trying to run a simple hello world program, i get this error message, that aborts the process:

Open RTE was unable to open the hostfile:
Check to make sure the path and filename are correct.

Ofcourse, i doublechecked the file exists at that path.
It was used normally with old version of Open MPI,1.2 (which came with the OS). And i can still run hello world normally with v1.2.

Also in PTP, resouce manager v1.4 doesnt recognize that hostfile, and specified nodes do not exist.

Thank's in advance!



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