At present there is no such feature, but it should not be hard to add.

Can you guys be a little more specific about exactly what you are seeing and exactly what you want to see?  (And what version you're working with - I'll caveat my discussion that this may be a 1.5-and-forward thing)

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I have to say this is a very common issue for our users.  They repeatedly
report the long Open MPI MPI_Abort() message in help queries and fail to
look for the application error message about the root cause.  A short
MPI_Abort() message that said "look elsewhere for the real error message"
would be useful.


On 03/31/2010 07:58 PM, Yves Caniou wrote:
> Dear all,
> I am using the MPI_Abort() command in a MPI program.
> I would like to not see the note explaining that the command caused Open MPI
> to kill all the jobs and so on.
> I thought that I could find a --mca parameter, but couldn't grep it. The only
> ones deal with the delay and printing more information (the stack).
> Is there a mean to avoid the printing of the note (except the 2>/dev/null
> tips)? Or to delay this printing?
> Thank you.
> .Yves.

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