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Sent: Wednesday, May 17, 2006 12:23 AM
Subject: Re: [OMPI users] ParaView runtime problem with openmpi 1.0.2

to successfully build ParaView with OpenMPI support in Linux:

1) compile OpenMPI and add openmpi/bin/ to the top of your PATH and add openmpi/lib/ to the top of the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable.  this is in my .cshrc so they are always set whenever i log in.

2) download the ParaView source (

3) edit CMakeLists.txt in the ParaView source directory to specify the MPI C and C++ compilers:


4) make a ParaView build directory and cd to the new dir (ParaView requires out-of-source builds)

5) configure the ParaView make using cmake as follows:

-DVTK_MPIRUN_EXE:FILEPATH=/path_to_openmpi1.0.2/bin/mpirun \

6) once the configure is complete (lots of text dumped to the screen), you should be able to make the binaries (from within the paraview build directory):


Now you can run ParaView in parallel mode using:

mpiexec -n NP /path_to_paraview_build/bin/./paraview

where NP = desired number of processes.
happy parallel volume rendering...


On 5/11/06, W. Bryan Smith <> wrote:

i have compiled a program called ParaView ( with MPI support using OpenMPI 1.0.2, and when i try to run the paraview executable using

mpiexec -n 4 paraview


miprun -np 4 paraview

instead of having one paraview window open with parallel support, there are 4 paraview windows opened, none of which are running with parallel support.  attached are the ompi_info and config.log files.  below is the text of the cmake call i used to configure paraview:


i also edited the ParaView CMakeLists.txt file to contain:

both compiler wrappers are on the top of my PATH.  also, as far as PATH goes, yes, i am certain that the mpiexec and paraview binaries are the ones i think they are ( i.e. when I WHICH MPIEXEC it only shows the one i compiled locally, etc).

anyone have any insight on this?  for the record, when i compile paraview with MPI support using mpich2 (1.0.3), and then do mpiexec calling that version of paraview, i get the expected behavior ( i.e. one paraview window running with parallel support).

thanks in advance,
bryan smith