Hi -
        configure failed the VALGRIND_CHECK_MEM_IS_ADDRESSABLE test, for openmpi-1.3.3 or -1.4 with Valgrind 3.5.0 -

I ran configure with

! /bin/csh
#!  run configure
../configure --prefix=/home/pshare/lib/lf95/openmpi-Vg-1.3.3         \
             FC=`which lf95` F77=`which lf95`                        \
             --with-sge                                              \
             --enable-debug                                          \
               --enable-memchecker                                     \
             --with-valgrind=/home/pshare/lib/source/valgrind-3.5.0  \
             --with-memory-manager=none                              \
                                         >& configure.log

& the log ( attached ) ends with

+++ Configuring MCA framework memchecker
checking for no configure components in framework memchecker...
checking for m4 configure components in framework memchecker... valgrind

--- MCA component memchecker:valgrind (m4 configuration macro)
checking for MCA component memchecker:valgrind compile mode... static
checking --with-valgrind value... sanity check ok (/home/pshare/lib/source/valgrind-3.5.0)
checking valgrind/valgrind.h usability... yes
checking valgrind/valgrind.h presence... yes
checking for valgrind/valgrind.h... yes
configure: error: Need Valgrind version 3.2.0 or later. Can not build component.


Some valgrind header files are not where configure expects to find them ; to get this far, I added some links ..
./valgrind-3.5.0/include/valgrind/valgrind.h -> ../valgrind.h
./valgrind-3.5.0/memcheck.h -> memcheck/memcheck.h
        ..  not a good omen, so no surprise it didn't work.

[ See valgrind-3.5.0/NEWS :-
  - The location of some install files has changed.  This should not
    affect most users.  Those who might be affected:

    * For people who use Valgrind with MPI programs, the installed
      libmpiwrap.so library has moved from
      $(INSTALL)/<platform>/libmpiwrap.so to
      $(INSTALL)/libmpiwrap-<platform>.so.                             ]

Configure tidies up in a very determined manner, so I don't have the files it used for the failing test. In any case, its likely that the problem is deeper than just some header files having moved around.

        I also downloaded Valgrind 3.2.1 from their archive, but couldn't configure this locally -

checking the glibc version... unsupported version
configure: error: Valgrind requires glibc version 2.2, 2.3 or 2.4

>rpm -q glibc

        Persuading sysadmin to roll back to glibc 2.4 is not an option, so I'm stuck, for the time being. Are there other options I could use to configure 1.3.n or 1.4 with the latest valgrind, or can the --with-valgrind option be revived ??

        Thanks -
                        Jim Conboy ( Culham Centre for Fusion Energy )