I just compiled the most recent version of the GNU compilers (4.4.2).
It turned out that running the configure script succeeds providing:
./configure --prefix=/opt/openmpi F77=/opt/gcc/lib/gcc4.4/bin/gfortran FC=/opt/gcc/lib/gcc4.4/bin/gfortran

Note that I did not changed the c/c++ compilers - as soon as I changed them to the new /opt/gcc/lib/gcc4.4/bin/gcc the script would declare them as broked, just as it did with gfortran.
(This is also true if I provide the shipped 4.2.1 version of gcc.)

So far everything seams to work but i think this solution is rather kludgy.

Hope this helps fixing this problem.


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From: "von Tycowicz, Christoph" <Christoph.vonTycowicz@fu-berlin.de>
Date: 14. Januar 2010 01:09:10 MEZ
To: "users@open-mpi.org" <users@open-mpi.org>
Subject: configure script fails


when running the configure script it breaks with:
configure: error: Could not run a simple Fortran 77 program.  Aborting.
(logs with details attached)

I don't know how to interpret this error since I already successfully compiled fortran code using these compilers(gcc/gfortran 4.5).
If would be really grateful for any clues on this.

best regards