I am building libraries against OpenMPI, and then applications using those libraries.

It was unclear from the FAQ at http://www.open-mpi.org/faq/?category=debugging#memchecker_how whether the libraries need to be recompiled and the application relinked using valgrind-enabled mpicc etc, in order to get valgrind to work. In other words, can I run a valgrind-disabled openmpi app with a valgrind-enabled orterun, or do I have to recompile/relink the whole thing? Is the answer different for shared vs static openmpi libraries?

The FAQ also states that openmpi from v 1.5 provides a valgrind suppression file. Is this a mistake in the FAQ or is the suppression file not available with the latest stable release (1.4)? If not, can the 1.5 file be used with 1.4?


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