On 11/25/09 02:04, Vivek Satpute wrote:

I tried to execute OpenMPI examples from OFED-1.4 stack and found that all those
examples uses IPoIB.
How are you determining that it is using IPoIB?

Is there any way to execute MPI applications on only Infiniband stack i.e. without
using IPoIB module ?
Can we execute MPI applications using libibverbs, librdma, or some other libraries ?
OpenMPI by default will select and use the best available path. If the ibverbs interace is available and operational OpenMPI will use this for off-node MPI communication. If you are concerned that ibverbs is not in use specifically calling it out on the mpirun command line will assure you that it is being used, e.g.  "mpirun --mca btl self,sm,openib .... ". This command will instruct OpenMPI to use shared memory for on node communication and openib (ibverbs), for off-node communication.



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