The firewires are all inactive. The only difference from ipconfig is that the cluster head has a ppp0 defined because of a VPN I'm using. I tried -mac btl_tcp_if_exclude ppp0, but that didn't work. 

So I logged off the VPN, and now ifconfig -a on the cluster head does not show the ppp0. However, everything is now fixed: I can use mpiexec without the MCA declaration. 


On Apr 16, 2006, at 2:47 PM, Brian Barrett wrote:

That's very strange.  What happens if you run with "-mca  

btl_tcp_if_include en0,en1", which will use both devices.  The fact  

that the exclude option doesn't work makes me wonder if there isn't  

another device that appears active somewhere in the cluster.  The  

most likely suspect on an OS X cluster is a firewire device that  

somehow has sprouted an address and gotten marked as active.  You  

might want to run "ifconfig -a" on all your nodes and make sure the  

output is mostly the same.