I’m trying to build openmpi with gcc4.2. I built gcc with thread support in order to use OpenMP. I have been able to compile and run a threaded OpenMP program with gfortran from gcc4.2, so the gfortran program itself seems to be working.


However, when I try to configure OpenMPI 1.3.3, setting the FC, F77, and F90 environment variables to the gfortran I built, and thd CC to the gcc, it fails to “run a simple Fortran 77 program” and exits the configure script saying Fortran doesn’t work. But I know the gfortran I’m specifying does work.


I have tried specifying –m64 in the flags, and specifying the gcc4.2 library directory (for libgfortran etc.) but it still fails on the simple Fortran test.


I’m using Fedora Redhat Linux, gcc 4.2, and openmpi 1.3.3. Has anyone gotten OpenMPI to configure and build with a gcc with OpenMP (thread) support?


The configure output and config.log are attached.