Hi Tomek,

I'm using 10.5.7, and just went through a painful process that we thought was library related (but it wasn't), so I'll give my less-than-learned response, and if you sill have difficulties hopefully others will chime in:

What is the result of "which mpicc" (or whatever you are using for your compiling/linking?  I'm pretty sure that's where the library paths get set, and if you are calling /usr/bin/mpicc you will get the wrong library paths in the executable.  

On Aug 19, 2009, at  10:57 AM, tomek wrote:

2. passing some ./configure --with-wrapper-ldflags="-L/opt/openmpi/lib"
3. passing some ./configure --with-wrapper-ldflags="-rpath /opt/openmpi/lib"
4. hand compilation with cc -L/opt/openmpi/lib -lmpi

2 and 3 did not work (ld error=22)

With 1 and 2 my code still gets linked with /usr/lib/libmpi...

Note, that the /opt/openmpi/bin path is properly set and ompi_info does outputs the right info.

You do not need to set DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH.  I don't have it set and my mpi applications run fine.

Did 4 work?  

Cheers,  Jody

Jody Klymak