I'm trying to build a code with OPENMPI 1.3.3 that compiles with LAM/MPI.

It is using mpicc and here is the code segment and error :

void drt_pll_init(int my_rank,int num_processors);
#ifdef DRT_USE_MPI
#include <mpi.h>
MPI_Comm drt_pll_mpi_split_comm_world(int key);
int drt_pll_mpi_split_comm_world(int key);

/fltapps/boeing/cfd/mpi/openmpi1.3.3_intel91_64/bin/mpicc -I/fltapps/boeing/cf
mpi/openmpi1.3.3_intel91_64/include -DDRT_PARALLEL -DDRT_USE_MPI -DPRECISION=2
-O -I../../P3Dlib/src -I/include  -I/fltusr/borensbs/local/include -DOMPI_MPI_
   -c -o drt_dv_app.o drt_dv_app.c
drt_Lib.h(336): error: identifier "MPI_Comm" is undefined
  MPI_Comm drt_pll_mpi_split_comm_world(int key);

compilation aborted for drt_dv_app.c (code 2)
make[1]: *** [drt_dv_app.o] Error 2

Hope someone can help

Bernie Borenstein
The Boeing Company


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