(I just realized I had the wrong subject line, here it goes again)

Hi Jeff

Yes, I am using the right one. I've installed the freshly compiled openmpi into /opt/openmpi/1.3.3-g95-32. If I edit the mpif.h file by hand and put "error!" in the first line I get:

zamblap:sandbox zamb$ edit /opt/openmpi/1.3.3-g95-32/include/mpif.h

zamblap:sandbox zamb$ mpif77 inplace_test.f90

In file mpif.h:1

   Included at inplace_test.f90:7



Error: Unclassifiable statement at (1)

(btw, if I use the F90 bindings instead I get a similar problem, except the address for the MPI_IN_PLACE fortran constant is slightly different from the F77 binding, i.e. instead of 0x50920 I get 0x508e0)

Thanks for your help,


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Can you confirm that you're using the right mpif.h?

Keep in mind that each MPI implementation's mpif.h is different --  
it's a common mistake to assume that the mpif.h from one MPI  
implementation should work with another implementation (e.g., someone  
copied mpif.h from one MPI to your software's source tree, so the  
compiler always finds that one instead of the MPI-implementation- 
provided mpif.h.).

On Jul 28, 2009, at 1:17 PM, Ricardo Fonseca wrote:

Hi George

I did some extra digging and found that (for some reason) the  
MPI_IN_PLACE parameter is not being recognized as such by  
mpi_reduce_f (reduce_f.c:61). I added a couple of printfs:

   printf(" sendbuf = %p \n", sendbuf );

   printf(" mpi_fortran_in_place = %p \n", &mpi_fortran_in_place );
   printf(" mpi_fortran_in_place_ = %p \n", &mpi_fortran_in_place_ );
   printf(" mpi_fortran_in_place__ = %p \n",  
&mpi_fortran_in_place__ );

And this is what I get on node 0:

sendbuf = 0x50920
mpi_fortran_in_place = 0x17cd34
mpi_fortran_in_place_ = 0x17cd38
mpi_fortran_in_place__ = 0x17cd3c

This makes OMPI_F2C_IN_PLACE(sendbuf) fail. If I replace the line:

sendbuf = OMPI_F2C_IN_PLACE(sendbuf);


   if ( sendbuf == 0x50920 ) {
     printf("sendbuf is MPI_IN_PLACE!\n");
     sendbuf = MPI_IN_PLACE;

Then the code works and gives the correct result:

sendbuf is MPI_IN_PLACE!
3. 3. 3. 3.

So my guess is that somehow the MPI_IN_PLACE constant for fortran is  
getting the wrong address. Could this be related to the fortran  
compilers I'm using (ifort / g95)?