Hi George

I did some extra digging and found that (for some reason) the MPI_IN_PLACE parameter is not being recognized as such by mpi_reduce_f (reduce_f.c:61). I added a couple of printfs:

    printf(" sendbuf = %p \n", sendbuf );

    printf(" MPI_FORTRAN_IN_PLACE = %p \n", &MPI_FORTRAN_IN_PLACE );
    printf(" mpi_fortran_in_place = %p \n", &mpi_fortran_in_place );
    printf(" mpi_fortran_in_place_ = %p \n", &mpi_fortran_in_place_ );
    printf(" mpi_fortran_in_place__ = %p \n", &mpi_fortran_in_place__ );

And this is what I get on node 0:

 sendbuf = 0x50920 
 mpi_fortran_in_place = 0x17cd34 
 mpi_fortran_in_place_ = 0x17cd38 
 mpi_fortran_in_place__ = 0x17cd3c 

This makes OMPI_F2C_IN_PLACE(sendbuf) fail. If I replace the line:

sendbuf = OMPI_F2C_IN_PLACE(sendbuf);


    if ( sendbuf == 0x50920 ) {
      printf("sendbuf is MPI_IN_PLACE!\n");
      sendbuf = MPI_IN_PLACE;

Then the code works and gives the correct result:

sendbuf is MPI_IN_PLACE!
 3. 3. 3. 3.

So my guess is that somehow the MPI_IN_PLACE constant for fortran is getting the wrong address. Could this be related to the fortran compilers I'm using (ifort / g95)?



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