Hi Frank,

I've used OMPI 1.0.1 with Xgrid. I don't think I ran into the same problem as you with the job hanging. But I'll continue just in case it helps or helps someone else. The one thing that I noticed was that Xgrid/OMPI does not allow an MPI application to write out a file other than to standard output.

In my example when running HP Linpack over an Xgrid enabled OMPI, if I execute the mpirun with HPL just outputting to the screen, everything runs fine. However, if I set my hpl.dat file to write out the results to a file, I get an error:

With 'hpl.dat' set to write to an output file called 'HPL.out' after executing: mpirun -d -hostfile myhosts -np 4 ./xhpl

portal.private:00545] [0,1,0] ompi_mpi_init completed
HPL ERROR from process # 0, on line 318 of function HPL_pdinfo:
>>> cannot open file HPL.out. <<<

I've tested this with a couple of other applications as well. For now, the only way I can solve it is if I set my working directory to allow user nobody to write to my working directory. Hope this helps.


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Hi Brian,

this is the full -d option output I've got mpi-running vhone on the 

xgrid. The truncation is due to the reported "hang".