I have successfully built several previous releases on my machine, but this last release exited with an error.  I am attaching the build and config logs, but as near as I can tell, the problem is a simple typo in the source file.  I was able to get things to build (although I haven't yet tested things) by simply changing the following line in openmpi-1.0rc2/orte/mca/pls/xgrid/src/pls_xgrid_client.m:

Original line 254:  rc = orte_rmaps_base_mapped_node_query(&mapping_list, &nodes, jobid);
Changed line 254:  ret = orte_rmaps_base_mapped_node_query(&mapping_list, &nodes, jobid);

Please let me know if this is a reasonable change.  I don't have XGrid set up, so I wouldn't be able to test this anyway.

Charles Williams