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Subject: [OMPI users] linking with openmpi version 1.6.1
From: ocnoptcs_at_[hidden]
Date: 2014-02-24 12:02:47



I have a rather large and complex set of FORTRAN and C++ programs for a
simulation project.


I am using a Nvidia Cluster system that hosts Linux along with openmpi
version 1.6.1 along with

FORTRAN 77 and 90 compilers and C++. The linux system uses Bourne shells.

I have a makefile that compiles and links the object codes

To produce an executable file.


In the past I have been successful in compiling, linking, and running the
modules using IBM MPI,

As well as SUN, SGI, and CRAY. However, I cannot seem to get the FORTRAN
object files to link

With the C++ object files with this system. Unfortunately the system I am
now using has no manuals

On openmpi.


In attempt to link, I am getting the following error messages..


"undefined reference to ranf_"

"undefined reference to ranskip_"

"undefined reference to ranget_"


I have 3 C++ routines in a module called ranf, ranskip, ranf.


In the fortran programs, I make calls to the C++ like




And have the C++ routine set up as ..


Real ranf (void)


It seems that it is referring to the fact that I need an underscore in the
C++ routine name,


Like real ranf_ (void)


As I said previously, the other systems I used does not require the
underscore. I thought

This one might so I tried to use the underscore but getting the same


I am attaching the makefile (compressed with bzip2) which I hope will be
some help.


I would appreciate any help in this matter. It is best to respond to me via
my email

As it is quite infrequent that I can access the user list.






ocnoptcs_at_[hidden] <mailto:ocnoptcs_at_[hidden]>