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Subject: [OMPI users] Compiling OpenMPI with PGI pgc++
From: Jiri Kraus (jkraus_at_[hidden])
Date: 2014-01-29 10:54:42


I am trying to compile OpenMPI 1.7.3 with pgc++ (14.1) as C++ compiler. During configure it fails with

checking if C and C++ are link compatible... no

The error from config.log is:

configure:18205: checking if C and C++ are link compatible
configure:18230: pgcc -c -DNDEBUG -fast conftest_c.c
configure:18237: $? = 0
configure:18268: pgc++ -o conftest -DNDEBUG -fast conftest.cpp conftest_c.o >&5
"conftest.cpp", line 21: error: "_GNU_SOURCE" is predefined; attempted
          redefinition ignored
  #define _GNU_SOURCE 1

"conftest.cpp", line 86: error: "_GNU_SOURCE" is predefined; attempted
          redefinition ignored
  #define _GNU_SOURCE 1

"conftest.cpp", line 167: warning: statement is unreachable
    return 0;

2 errors detected in the compilation of "conftest.cpp".

When I use pgcpp instead of pgc++ OpenMPI configures and builds.

I am using

CXX=pgcpp|pgc++ CC=pgcc FC=pgfortran F77=pgfortran CFLAGS=-fast FCFLAGS=-fast FFLAGS=-fast CXXFLAGS=-fast ./configure --with-hwloc=/shared/apps/rhel-6.2/tools/hwloc-1.7.1 --enable-hwloc-pci --with-cuda --prefix=/home-2/jkraus/local/openmpi-1.7.3/pgi-14.1/cuda-5.5.22

to configure OpenMPI. Any Idea what caused the errors with pgc++?



NVIDIA GmbH, Wuerselen, Germany, Amtsgericht Aachen, HRB 8361
Managing Director: Karen Theresa Burns

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