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Subject: [OMPI users] openmpi-1.6.5 intel 14.0 MPI-IO Errors
From: Brock Palen (brockp_at_[hidden])
Date: 2014-01-09 11:46:22

Attached you will find a small sample code that demonstrates the problem but ether MPI_File_seek() or MPI_File_get_position() is screwing up on me. This only happens with this version of the intel compiler:

Version Build 20130728

You can compile and run the example with:

mpicc -g -DDEBUG mkrandfile.c -o mkrand
mpirun -np 2 mkrand -f data -l 1

1.6.5 works with gcc 4.7.0,
  0: my current offset is 0
  1: my current offset is 8388608

  0: my current offset is 4294967297
  1: my current offset is 4294967297

I passed the code through ddt, and the calculations for the offset for each rank gets the correct values passed to MPI_File_seek() but what I get back from MPI_File_get_position() is the above gibberish.

I also cannot produce the problem with openmpi/1.6.4/intel/13.0.1 or with openmpi/1.6.5/pgi/13.5

Our builds all like this:

COMPILERS='CC=pgcc CXX=pgCC FC=pgf90 F77=pgf77'
./configure \
   --prefix=${PREFIX} \
   --mandir=${PREFIX}/man \
   --with-tm=/usr/local/torque \
   --with-openib --with-psm \
   --with-io-romio-flags='--with-file-system=testfs+ufs+nfs+lustre' \
   --with-mxm=$MXM \
   --with-fca=$FCA \
   --disable-dlopen --enable-shared \

Brock Palen
CAEN Advanced Computing
XSEDE Campus Champion