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Subject: [OMPI users] ompi_evesel->dispatch() failed when running from Java Process Builder
From: David Stuebe (stu3b3_at_[hidden])
Date: 2013-07-23 22:00:56

Hi OpenMPI

I am trying to create a Java GUI to control and run an MPI application. I
can run an MPI process from my command line, but am unable to run via the
Java Process Builder.

I get the following error immediately after the process starts:

[SCI053_VM003:02928] ..\..\openmpi-1.6.4\opal\event\event.c:
ompi_evesel->dispatch() failed.

I suspect there is an environment problem, but I am not sure how to
diagnose it. I have printed the environment seen by the java process
builder to the log as well as the environment seen by the mpiexec'd
process, but I see nothing amiss!?!?

All the code and the output log are posted on

I am trying to run in a windows environment using OpenMPI 1.6.4 packaged
for MPI4PY

Please help


PS - I am able to run the Java program to launch and run the same code in
my MacOS environment, but there I use brew installed MPICH2.