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Subject: [OMPI users] Building Open MPI with LSF
From: Andrey Rubshtein (andrey.rubshtein_at_[hidden])
Date: 2013-05-07 10:09:42

Hi everyone,

I want to install OpenMPI on LSF cluster in our organization. I am not
proficient with Linux/LSF, and some of my questions might be from lack of
understanding of the system, and not related to OpenMPI directly.

So far I found these bits of information on the site of OpenMPI

*1.* *OpenMPI support for 1.6 seems to be broken, and was fixed maybe in

*2. The installation on LSF is supposed to be easy:*

My questions are:
*1*. What is the latest stable version that is known to integrate in a
native way with LSF?
*2*. When building with LSF support, in what directory should I run the
./configure and makes scripts from? Should I be logined into one of the
hosts of LSF cluster?
*3*. Will these scripts copy openmpi shared libraries into each host on the
*4*. Where will the mpi compiler be after the installation? What include
pathes and libraries should I add to my C++ project to compile a simple MPI