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Subject: Re: [OMPI users] QLogic HCA random crash after prolonged use
From: Elken, Tom (tom.elken_at_[hidden])
Date: 2013-04-21 01:23:38

> I have seen it recommended to use psm instead of openib for QLogic cards.
Yes. PSM will perform better and be more stable when running OpenMPI than using verbs. Intel has acquired the InfiniBand assets of QLogic about a year ago. These SDR HCAs are no longer supported, but should still work. You can get the driver (ib_qib) and PSM library from OFED or the current release OFED 3.5.

With the current OFED 3.5 release there are included psm-release notes which start out this way (read down to the OpenMPI build instructions for PSM):
              Open Fabrics Enterprise Distribution (OFED)
                    PSM in OFED 3.5 Release Notes

                          December 2012

1. Overview

The Performance Scaled Messaging (PSM) API is Intel's low-level user-level
communications interface for the Intel True Scale Fabric family of products.

The PSM libraries are included in the infinipath-psm-3.1-364.1140_open.src.rpm
source RPM and get built and installed as part of a default OFED
install process.

The primary way to use PSM is by compiling applications with an MPI that has
been built to use the PSM layer as its interface to QLogic HCAs.
PSM is the high-performance interface to the QLogic TrueScale HCAs.

Minimal instructions* for building two MPIs tested with OFED
with PSM support are as follows:

Open MPI:

- Download a recent Open MPI tar ball from .
  Versions 1.6.1 & 1.6.3 have been tested with PSM from this OFED release.
- Untar the file and cd to the Open MPI directory. Then
  ./configure --with-psm --prefix=<install directory>
  make install

-Tom Elken

> Could this be part of the problem? After a lot of experimentation I am at a
> complete loss as to how to get psm up and running. If possible, could someone
> also help me understand which out of this list (ibibverbs, libipathverbs, libmthca,
> librdmacm, ib_mad, ib_umad, rdma_ucm, ib_uverbs, ib_qib) is the actual driver
> for my card and is there any way to configure the driver? This blog
> post
> +InfiniBand+adapters,+QDR,+ib_qib,+OFED+1.5.2+and+Debian+Squeeze/e56if
> seems to suggest that I will need to download the complete QLogic OFED stack
> and configure the driver which I've tried to do and failed on many
> counts.
> I would be very grateful for any advice at this stage.
> Best regards,
> Vanja
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