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Subject: [OMPI users] help me understand these error msgs
From: Jure Pečar (pegasus_at_[hidden])
Date: 2013-01-16 10:41:10


I have a large fortran code processing data (weather forecast). It runs ok with smaller dataset, but on larger dataset I get some errors I've never seen before:

node061:05144] [[55141,0],11]->[[55141,0],0] mca_oob_tcp_msg_send_handler: writev failed: Bad file descriptor (9) [sd = 9]
[node061:05144] [[55141,0],11] routed:binomial: Connection to lifeline [[55141,0],0] lost


node084:7.0.Non-fatal temporary exhaustion of send tid dma descriptors
(elapsed=43.788s, source LID=0x49/context=11, count=1) (err=0)

I'm using QLogic software version (ofed, open-mpi 1.4.3).

I'm starting this program with mpirun -mca btl openib,sm,self so I don't really understand what tcp has to do in the first error message.

Also I traced second error message to psm code, but it appears even if i add -mca mtl ^psm to my mpirun arguments. Why?

Any help appreciated.

Jure Pečar