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Subject: [OMPI users] problem with rankfile
From: Siegmar Gross (Siegmar.Gross_at_[hidden])
Date: 2013-01-11 08:54:02


do you know when you will have time to solve the problem with a
rankfile? In the past you told me that my rankfile is correct.

linpc1 rankfiles 120 ompi_info | grep "Open MPI:"
                                Open MPI: 1.6.4a1r27766

linpc1 rankfiles 121 mpiexec -report-bindings -np 1 \
  -host linpc1 -cpus-per-proc 4 -bycore -bind-to-core hostname
[linpc1:09621] MCW rank 0 bound to socket 0[core 0-1]
  socket 1[core 0-1]: [B B][B B]

linpc1 rankfiles 122 mpiexec -report-bindings -np 1 \
  -rf my_rankfile hostname
We were unable to successfully process/set the requested processor
affinity settings:

Specified slot list: 0:0-1,1:0-1
Error: Error

This could mean that a non-existent processor was specified, or
that the specification had improper syntax.
mpiexec was unable to start the specified application as it
  encountered an error:

Error name: Error
Node: linpc1

when attempting to start process rank 0.

linpc1 rankfiles 123 cat my_rankfile
rank 0=linpc1 slot=0:0-1,1:0-1

One more question: openmpi-1.7rc6r27786 and openmpi-1.9a1r27787
don't support "-cpus-per-proc" any longer. Will it be available
in the future or have you removed this option?

linpc1 fd1026 104 mpiexec -report-bindings -np 1 -host linpc1 \
 -cpus-per-proc 4 -map-by core -bind-to core hostname
mpiexec: Error: unknown option "-p"
Type 'mpiexec --help' for usage.
linpc1 fd1026 105

Thank you very much for your answer in advance.

Kind regards