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Subject: Re: [OMPI users] Windows support for OpenMPI
From: Damien (damien_at_[hidden])
Date: 2012-12-03 14:42:23

This is a good start. Stepping up a level and without wanting to start
a bunfight with other MPI implementations, what are the advantages of
OpenMPI over those other various MPI implementations, irrespective of
platform? There must be some advantages, or OpenMPI wouldn't exist. Do
those advantages apply on Windows and would they justify ongoing Windows


On 03/12/2012 11:59 AM, John R. Cary wrote:
> Dear OpenMPI community,
> This email is about whether a commercial version of OpenMPI for Windows
> could be successful. I hesitated before sending this, but upon asking
> some others (notably Jeff) on this list, it seemed appropriate.
> We at Tech-X have been asking whether a commercial/freemium support
> model for a Windows
> version of OpenMPI would work. We are currently working on this for some
> other products, notably PETSc, which is discussed at
> We see some downsides - in particular, with Microsoft's HPC Pack,
> Windows users
> have free access to an MPI solution. This has to be balanced by some
> particular advantages of OpenMPI such that there would be a group of
> users who would pay for it for anyone to make this work.
> We would be very interested in hearing from folks on this list who either
> (1) help define the competitive advantage of having OpenMPI on Windows or
> (2) would be interested in a commercial solution, were it available.
> Naturally, any solution should benefit the OpenMPI community as well to
> be a success.
> I would be glad to hear from folks on list or off.
> Thx....John Cary
> On 12/3/2012 10:32 AM, Damien wrote:
>> All,
>> I completely missed the message about Shiqing departing as the
>> OpenMPI Windows maintainer. I'll try and keep Windows builds going
>> for 1.6 at least, I have 2011 and 2013 Intel licenses and VS2008 and
>> 2012, but not 2010. I see that the 1.6.3 code base already doesn't
>> build on Windows in VS2012 :-(.
>> While I can try and keep builds going, I don't have access to a
>> Windows cluster right now, and I'm flat out on two other projects. I
>> can test on my workstation, but that will only go so far.
>> Longer-term, there needs to be a decision made on whether Windows
>> gets to be a first-class citizen in OpenMPI or not. Jeff's already
>> told me that 1.7 is lagging behind on Windows. It would be a shame to
>> have all the work Shiqing put in gradually decay because it can't be
>> supported enough. If there's any Microsoft/HPC/Azure folks observing
>> this list, or any other vendors who run on Windows with OpenMPI,
>> maybe we can see what can be done if you're interested.
>> Damien
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