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Subject: Re: [OMPI users] cluster with iOS or Android devices?
From: shiny knight (theshinyknight_at_[hidden])
Date: 2012-11-30 01:16:42

Thanks for all your replies.

As now I have access to 3 iOS devices and 1 Android, so if possible I would be oriented to pursue more the iOS route.

So it seems that there is not yet a simple way to do so on these devices (Thanks for the paper posted Dominik); I will have to look deeper in that project that you mentioned and wait for some official release (at least for the Android side)

I may install linux distro on a virtual machine; mostly I work on OSX so it should not be that bad (OSX allows me to work with both Android and iOS hassle free; that's why I had the thought to use my devices for MPI).

Beatty: My idea is to use the devices only when plugged in; I was reading a paper about how to use MPI and dynamically change the number of nodes attached, while crunching data for a process. So it would be possible to add and remove nodes on the fly, and was trying to apply it to a portable device ( before realizing that there is no MPI implementation for them.

I would never envision a system where a user has a device in his pocket that is actually doing "something" behind is back...mine was a simple issue with having devices sitting on my desk, which I use to test my apps, and I could use these devices in a more productive way, while I have them tethered to my main machine (which is the main server where MPI development is done).

Would you mind elaborate on the approach that you mentioned? I never used Xgrid, so I am not sure about how your solution would work.



On Nov 29, 2012, at 4:14 PM, Beatty, Daniel D CIV NAVAIR, 474300D wrote:

> Greetings Ladies and gentlemen,
> There is one alternative approach and this a psuedo-cloud based MPI. The
> idea is that MPI node list is adjusted via the cloud similar to the way
> Xgrid's Bonjour used to do it for Xgrid.
> In this case, it is applying an MPI notion to the OpenCL codelets. There
> are obvious issues with security, battery life, etc. There is considerable
> room for discussion as far expectations. Do jobs run free if the device is
> plugged in? If the device in the pocket, can the user switch to power
> conservation/ cooler pockets? What constitutes fairness? Do owners have a
> right to be biased in judgement? These are tough questions that I think I
> will have to provide fair assurances for. After all, everyone likes to
> think they are control of what they put in their pocket.
> V/R,
> Dan
> On 11/28/12 3:06 PM, "Dominik Goeddeke"
> <dominik.goeddeke_at_[hidden]> wrote:
>> shameless plug:
>> In the MontBlanc project (, a lot of folks from
>> all around Europe look into exactly this. Together with a few
>> colleagues, we have been honoured to get access to an early prototype
>> system. The runs for the paper above (accepted in JCP as of last week)
>> have been carried out with MPICH2 back in June, but OpenMPI also worked
>> flawlessly except for some issues with SLURM integration at the time we
>> did those tests.
>> The bottom line is: The prototype machine (128 Tegra2's) ran standard
>> ubuntu, and since Android is essentially Linux, it should not be tooooo
>> hard to get the system you envision up and running, Shiny Knight.
>> Cheers,
>> Dominik
>> On 11/29/2012 12:00 AM, Vincent Diepeveen wrote:
>>> You might want to post in beowulf mailing list see cc
>>> and you want to install linux of course.
>>> OpenFabrics releases openmpi, yet it only works at a limited number of
>>> distributions - most important is having
>>> the correct kernel (usually old kernel).
>>> I'm gonna try get it to work at debian soon.
>>> On Nov 28, 2012, at 11:50 PM, shiny knight wrote:
>>>> I was looking for some info about MPI port on iOS or Android devices.
>>>> I have some old devices that may result useful, if I could be able to
>>>> include them in my computation scheme.
>>>> OpenCL runs on iOS and Android, so I was wondering if there is any
>>>> way to have an old iPhone/phone or iPad/tablet to run MPI.
>>>> Tried to look everywhere, but I didn't find anything that says that
>>>> it is possible, nor I've found any practical example.
>>>> Thanks!
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