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Subject: [OMPI users] OpenMPI on Windows when MPI_F77 is used from a C application
From: Mathieu Gontier (mathieu.gontier_at_[hidden])
Date: 2012-10-26 12:27:58

Dear all,

I am willing to use OpenMPI on Windows for a CFD instead of MPICH2. My
solver is developed if Fortran77 and piloted by a C++ interface; the both
levels call MPI functions.

So, I installed OpenMPI-1.6.2-x64 on my system and compiled my code
successfully. But, at the runtime it crashed.
I reproduced the problem into a small C application calling a Fortran
function using MPI_Allreduce; when I removed some aggressive optimization
options from the Fortran, it worked:


   Optimization: Disable (/Od)

   Inline Function Expansion: Any Suitable (/Ob2)

   Favor Size or Speed: Favor Fast Code (/Ot)


So, I removed the same options from the Fortran parts of my solver, but it
still crashes. I tried some others, but it still continues crashing. Does
anybody has an idea? Should I (de)activate some compilation options? Is
there some properties to build and link against libmpi_f77.lib?

Thanks for your help.

Mathieu Gontier
- MSN: mathieu.gontier_at_[hidden]
- Skype: mathieu_gontier