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Subject: [OMPI users] MPI_Irecv: Confusion with <<int count>> inputy parameter
From: devendra rai (rai.devendra_at_[hidden])
Date: 2012-08-20 05:51:03

Hello Community, I have a problem understanding the API for MPI_Irecv: int MPI_Irecv( void *buf, int count, MPI_Datatype datatype, int source, int tag, MPI_Comm comm, MPI_Request *request ); Parameters buf [in] initial address of receive buffer (choice) count [in] number of elements in receive buffer (integer) datatype [in] datatype of each receive buffer element (handle) source [in] rank of source (integer) tag [in] message tag (integer) comm [in] communicator (handle) request [out] communication request (handle) What exactly does "count" mean here? Is it the number of elements that have been received *thus far* in the buffer? Or is it the number of elements that are expected to be received, and hence MPI_Test will tell me that the receive is not complete untill "count" number of elements have not been received? Here's the reason why I have a problem (and I think I may be completely stupid here, I'd appreciate your patience): I have node 1 transmit data to node 2, in a pack of 80 bytes: Mon Aug 20 11:09:04 2012[1,1]<stdout>:    Finished transmitting 80 bytes to 2 node with Tag 1000 On the receiving end: MPI_Irecv(                         (void*)this->receivebuffer,/* the receive buffer */                         this->receive_packetsize,  /* 80 */                         MPI_BYTE,                   /* The data type expected */                         this->transmittingnode,    /* The node from which to receive */                         this->uniquetag,           /* Tag */                         MPI_COMM_WORLD,             /* Communicator */                         &Irecv_request              /* request handle */                     ); I see that node 1 tells me that the transmit was successful using the MPI_Test: MPI_Test(&Isend_request, &SendComplete, &ISend_status); which returns me "true" on Node 1 (sender). However, I am never able to receive the payload on Node 2: Mon Aug 20 11:09:04 2012[1,2]<stdout>:Attemting to receive payload from node 1 with tag 1000, receivepacketsize: 80 I am using MPI_Issend to send payload between node 1 and node 2. Does anyone see what could be going wrong? Thanks a lot Devendra