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Subject: Re: [OMPI users] fortran program with integer kind=8 using openmpi
From: Secretan Yves (Yves.Secretan_at_[hidden])
Date: 2012-06-29 12:46:17


Recompiling OpenMPI with

./configure FCFLAGS=-fdefault-integer-8 FFLAGS=-fdefault-integer-8 \
   --with-wrapper-fflags=-fdefault-integer-8 \

is the easy way to go (at least for me). Changes to the Fortran code are minimal. Be aware that the underlying C code is still with 32bit int, and that arguments like counts will be downcasted to int.

If you don't recompile OpenMPI, then you will have to adapt' if not already done, your Fortran code to reflect the types (kind=4) of communicators, types, error, sizes, rank, etc..

Yves Secretan

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De : users-bounces_at_[hidden] [mailto:users-bounces_at_[hidden]] De la part de Jeff Squyres
Envoyé : 29 juin 2012 07:03
À : warren_at_[hidden]; Open MPI Users
Objet : Re: [OMPI users] fortran program with integer kind=8 using openmpi

On Jun 28, 2012, at 8:37 PM, David Warren wrote:

> You should not have to recompile openmpi, but you do have to use the correct type. You can check the size of integers in your fortrana nd use MPI_INTEGER4 or MPI_INTEGER8 depending on what you get.

If you configure ompi with -fdefault-integer-8, then OMPI will assume that Fortran integers are always 8 bytes, so be sure to also compile all of your MPI applications the same way. Indeed, you may want to configure OMPI with something like:

./configure FCFLAGS=-fdefault-integer-8 FFLAGS=-fdefault-integer-8 \
   --with-wrapper-fflags=-fdefault-integer-8 \

This will add -fdefault-integer-8 to the mpif77 and mpif90 command lines automatically so that you *can't* compile without that flag.

Be aware that 8-byte Fortran integers *should work* in Open MPI, but it is probably not well tested. You may well run into some issues; be sure to let us know if you run into bugs. Sending small test programs that show the problem are usually the best way to help us identify/fix the precise problem.

> in gfortran use
> integer i
> if(sizeof(i) .eq. 8) then
> mpi_int_type=MPI_INTEGER8
> else
> mpi_int_type=MPI_INTEGER4
> endif

I don't think that this should be necessary -- as long as you configured OMPI with the 8-byte-integer setting, then MPI_INTEGER should represent an 8 byte integer.

Jeff Squyres
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