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Subject: [OMPI users] An idea about a semi-automatic optimized parallel I/O with Open MPI
From: Xuan Wang (xuan.wang_at_[hidden])
Date: 2012-06-13 07:40:23


I have an idea about using database to support a kind of semi-automatic optimized parallel I/O operations and want to know if it is realizable or not. Hope you guys can give me more advices and point out the shortage of the idea. Thank you all.

As the performance of the parallel I/O depends on the parallel I/O algorithm, the file storage in file system, the number of processes used for I/O and so on, we can use the MPI hints to control the parameters manually. But sometime, the client or the people who call the I/O operation don’t know which parameters are the best.

Therefore, we think about using the data warehouse and an I/O monitor to realize the optimization phase. Please take a look at the attached picture first.

Process explanations:
1. The client sends the I/O commends with hints (optional) to deamon. The select model will decide if it is necessary to call the I/O database in order to get the optimized I/O operation strategy.
2. If yes, the select model sends the I/O commends with those parameters, which can be used to choose the optimized I/O algorithm, to the knowledge base or database.
3 & 4. The select model gets the optimized algorithm and runs the I/O operation.
5 & 6. During the I/O operation, the monitor will gather the performance related information and sends it to the data warehouse, which is used to analyze the performance of the optimized algorithm and support the semi-automatic optimization.

These are the basic thought about the whole process. Please be free to ask any details about this system/concept. I will try my best to explain it.

I am happy if someone can take part in the discussion.


Best Regards!
Xuan Wang