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Subject: Re: [OMPI users] EXTERNAL: Re: How to set up state-less node /tmp for OpenMPI usage
From: Blosch, Edwin L (edwin.l.blosch_at_[hidden])
Date: 2011-11-04 18:11:41

Thanks, Ralph,

> Having a local /tmp is typically required by Linux for proper operation as the OS itself needs to ensure its usage is protected, as was > previously stated and is reiterated in numerous books on managing Linux systems.

There is a /tmp, but it's not local. I don't know if that passes muster as a proper setup or not. I'll gift a Linux book for Christmas to the two reputable vendors who have configured diskless clusters for us where /tmp was not local, and both /usr/tmp and /var/tmp were linked to /tmp. :)

> IMO, discussions of how to handle /tmp on diskless systems goes beyond the bounds of OMPI - it is a Linux system management issue that > is covered in depth by material on that subject. Explaining how the session directory is used, and why we now include a test and warning if the session directory is going to land on a networked file system (pretty sure this is now in the 1.5 series, but certainly is > in the trunk for future releases), would be reasonable.

I know where you're coming from, and I probably didn't title the post correctly because I wasn't sure what to ask. But I definitely saw it, and still see it, as an OpenMPI issue. Having /tmp mounted over NFS on a stateless cluster is not a broken configuration, broadly speaking. The vendors made those decisions and presumably that's how they do it for other customers as well. There are two other (Platform/HP) MPI applications that apparently work normally. But OpenMPI doesn't work normally. So it's deficient.

I'll ask the vendor to rebuild the stateless image with a /usr/tmp partition so that the end-user application in question can then set orte_tmpdir_base to /usr/tmp and all will then work beautifully...

Thanks again,


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