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Subject: [OMPI users] PATH settings
From: Martin Siegert (siegert_at_[hidden])
Date: 2011-09-22 23:06:34


I am trying to figure out how openmpi (1.4.3) sets its PATH
for executables. From the man page:

Locating Files
    If no relative or absolute path is specified for a file, Open MPI will
    first look for files by searching the directories specified by the
    --path option. If there is no --path option set or if the file is not
    found at the --path location, then Open MPI will search the user’s PATH
    environment variable as defined on the source node(s).

This does not appear to be entirely correct - as far as I can tell
openmpi always prepends its own bin directory to the PATH before
searching for the executable. Can that be switched off?

Furthermore, openmpi appears to use
a) the current value of PATH on the node where mpiexec is running;
b) whatever PATH is used by ssh on the remote nodes.



export PATH=/path/to/special/bin:$PATH
mpiexec -n 2 -H n1,n2 special

(n1 being the local node)
will usually fail even if the directory structure is identical on
the two nodes. For this to work

mpiexec -n 2 -H n1,n2 -x PATH special

is necessary.

What I would like to see is a configure option that allows me to configure
openmpi such that the current PATH on the node where mpiexec is running
is used as the PATH on all nodes (by default). Or is there a reason why
that is a really bad idea?


Martin Siegert
Head, Research Computing
WestGrid/ComputeCanada Site Lead
IT Services                                phone: 778 782-4691
Simon Fraser University                    fax:   778 782-4242
Burnaby, British Columbia                  email: siegert_at_[hidden]
Canada  V5A 1S6