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Subject: Re: [OMPI users] IO issue with OpenMPI 1.4.1 and earlier versions
From: Steve Jones (stevejones_at_[hidden])
Date: 2011-09-14 12:53:11

----- Original Message -----
> On Sep 12, 2011, at 10:44 PM, Steve Jones wrote:
> > We've run into an IO issue with 1.4.1 and earlier versions. We're
> > able to reproduce the issue in around 120 lines of code to help, I'd
> > like to find if there's something we're simply doing incorrectly
> > with the build or if it's in fact a known bug. I've included the
> > following in order:
> >
> > 1. Configure options used on all versions tested
> > 2. Successful run on 1.4.3
> > 3. Failed run on 1.3.1
> > 4. Failed run on 1.4.1
> It looks like fixed
> a problem with OMPI's ROMIO that was included in 1.4.2. This could
> well be the issue.

Hi Jeff,

It looks like this was the issue. Thanks for pointing me towards it and the information on ABI compatibility. I must not have been following well as I was under the impression we needed to rebuild for each new version of MPI introduced.

Talk soon.


> Note, however, that MPI-IO-written files are not guaranteed to be
> readable outside of MPI-IO. What happens if you read the file back via
> > An additional thing to note is we can load the 1.4.2 or 1.4.3
> > environment and successfully run the 1.4.1 or 1.3.1 executable.
> Open MPI's ABI guarantees started at 1.3.2, meaning that any MPI
> application executable compiled with 1.3.2 or later should be able to
> run with an OMPI environment 1.3.2 all the way through the end of the
> 1.4.x series.
> Hence, it is consistent that your 1.4.1 executable works properly when
> run in a 1.4.3 environment if the ROMIO fix was deployed in 1.4.2.
> NOTE: Your 1.3.1 executable *may* work with later OMPI environments,
> but it is not guaranteed (and I absolutely would not rely on it).
> Here's the text in the README about our ABI policy:
> -----
> Application Binary Interface (ABI) Compatibility
> ------------------------------------------------
> Open MPI provided forward application binary interface (ABI)
> compatibility for MPI applications starting with v1.3.2. Prior to
> that version, no ABI guarantees were provided.
> NOTE: Prior to v1.3.2, subtle and strange failures are almost
> guaranteed to occur if applications were compiled and linked
> against shared libraries from one version of Open MPI and then
> run with another. The Open MPI team strongly discourages making
> any ABI assumptions before v1.3.2.
> Starting with v1.3.2, Open MPI provides forward ABI compatibility --
> with respect to the MPI API only -- in all versions of a given feature
> release series and its corresponding super stable series. For
> example, on a single platform, an MPI application linked against Open
> MPI v1.3.2 shared libraries can be updated to point to the shared
> libraries in any successive v1.3.x or v1.4 release and still work
> properly (e.g., via the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable or other
> operating system mechanism).
> Note that in v1.4.4, a fix was applied to the "large" size of the "use
> mpi" F90 MPI bindings module: two of MPI_SCATTERV's parameters had the
> wrong type and were corrected. Note that this fix *only* applies if
> Open MPI was configured with a Fortran 90 compiler and the
> --with-mpi-f90-size=large configure option.
> However, in order to preserve ABI with all releases since v1.3.2, the
> old/incorrect MPI_SCATTERV interface was preserved and a new/corrected
> interface was added (note that Fortran 90 has function overloading,
> similar to C++; hence, both the old and new interface can be accessed
> via "call MPI_Scatterv(...)").
> Applications that use the old/incorrect MPI_SCATTERV binding will
> continue to compile/link just like they did with releases since
> v1.3.2. However, application developers are ***STRONGLY*** encouraged
> to fix their applications to use the correct bindings for the
> following reasons:
> - The parameter type mismatch may cause application crashes or
> silent data corruption.
> - An annoying message (which cannot be disabled) is sent to stdout
> warning the user that they are using an incorrect interface.
> - The old/incorrect interface will be removed in Open MPI v1.7
> (i.e., applications that use the old/incorrect binding will not
> compile with Open MPI v1.7).
> Open MPI reserves the right to break ABI compatibility at new feature
> release series. For example, the same MPI application from above
> (linked against Open MPI v1.3.2 shared libraries) will *not* work with
> Open MPI v1.5 shared libraries.
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