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Subject: Re: [OMPI users] OpenIB error messages: reporting the default or telling you what's happening?
From: Kevin.Buckley_at_[hidden]
Date: 2011-09-13 00:24:22

Pasha writes

> > Actually I'm surprised that default value is 10. I think it
> > used to be 20....

Jeff writes:

> FWIW, the default for the ib_timeout is 20 in both v1.4.x and v1.5.x.
> As Ralph said, ompi_info will show the current value -- not the default
> value. Of course, the current value will be the default value, unless it
> has been overridden. In OMPI v1.5, ompi_info should indicate where the
> value came from:
> -----
> % ompi_info --param btl openib | grep ib_timeout
> MCA btl: parameter "btl_openib_ib_timeout" (current
> value: <20>, data source: default value)
> [snip]
> % setenv OMPI_MCA_btl_openib_ib_timeout 13
> % ompi_info --param btl openib | grep ib_timeout
> MCA btl: parameter "btl_openib_ib_timeout" (current
> value: <13>, data source: environment or cmdline)
> -----


So the error output is not showing what you two think should be
the default value, 20, but then nor is it showing what I think I
have set it to globally, again, 20.

But anyroad, what I wanted from this is confirmation that the output
is telling me the value that the job was running with, 10.

Now to find out why it appears as 10, because,

a) that's not seemingly the default
b) it's not being set to 10 globally by me as the admin
c) it wasn't being set to anything by the user's submission script

I'll have a dig around and get back to the thread,

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