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Subject: [OMPI users] data types and alignment to word boundary
From: jody (jody.xha_at_[hidden])
Date: 2011-06-29 11:42:44


I have noticed on my machine that a struct which i have defined as

typedef struct {
    short iSpeciesID;
    char sCapacityFile[SHORT_INPUT];
    double adGParams[NUM_GPARAMS];
} tVStruct;

(where SHORT_INPUT=64 and NUM_GPARAMS=4)

has size 104 (instead of 98) whereas the corresponding MPI Datatype i created

    int aiLengthsT5[3] = {1, SHORT_INPUT, NUM_GPARAMS};
    MPI_Aint aiDispsT5[3] = {0, iShortSize, iShortSize+SHORT_INPUT};
    MPI_Type_create_struct(3, aiLengthsT5, aiDispsT5, aTypesT5,

only has length 98 (as expected). The size differences resulted in an
error when doing

    tVegetationData3 VD;
    MPI_Send(&VD, 1, m_dtVegetationData3, 1, TAG_STEP_CMD, MPI_COMM_WORLD);

and the corresponding

    tVegetationData3 VD;
    MPI_Recv(&VD, 1, m_dtVegetationData3, MPI_ANY_SOURCE,

(in fact, the last double in my array was not transmitted correctly)

It seems that on my machine the struct was padded to a multiple of 8.
By manually adding some padding bytes to my MPI Datatype in order
to fill it up to the next multiple of 8 i could work around this problem.
(not very nice, and very probably not portable)

My question: is there a way to tell MPI to automatically use the
required padding?

Thank You