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Subject: Re: [OMPI users] Windows: MPI_Allreduce() crashes when using MPI_DOUBLE_PRECISION
From: hi (hiralsmaillist_at_[hidden])
Date: 2011-05-11 03:29:03

Hi Jeff,

> Can you send the info listed on the help page?

>From the HELP page...

***For run-time problems:
1) Check the FAQ first. Really. This can save you a lot of time; many
common problems and solutions are listed there.
I couldn't find reference in FAQ.

2) The version of Open MPI that you're using.
I am using pre-built openmpi-1.5.3 64-bit and 32-bit binaries on Window 7
I also tried with locally built openmpi-1.5.2 using Visual Studio 2008
32-bit compilers
I tried various compilers: VS-9 32-bit and VS-10 64-bit and
corresponding intel ifort compiler.

3) The config.log file from the top-level Open MPI directory, if
available (please compress!).
Don't have.

4) The output of the "ompi_info --all" command from the node where
you're invoking mpirun.
see output of pre-built openmpi-1.5.3_x64/bin/ompi_info --all" in attachments.

5) If running on more than one node --
I am running test program on single none.

6) A detailed description of what is failing.
Already described in this post.

7) Please include information about your network:
As I am running test program on local and single machine, this might
not be required.

> You forgot ierr in the call to MPI_Finalize.  You also paired DOUBLE_PRECISION data with MPI_INTEGER in the call to allreduce.  And you mixed sndbuf and rcvbuf in the call to allreduce, meaning that when your print rcvbuf afterwards, it'll always still be 0.

As I am not Fortran programmer, this is my mistake !!!

>        program Test_MPI
>            use mpi
>            implicit none
>            DOUBLE PRECISION rcvbuf(5), sndbuf(5)
>            INTEGER nproc, rank, ierr, n, i, ret
>            n = 5
>            do i = 1, n
>                sndbuf(i) = 2.0
>                rcvbuf(i) = 0.0
>            end do
>            call MPI_INIT(ierr)
>            call MPI_COMM_RANK(MPI_COMM_WORLD, rank, ierr)
>            call MPI_COMM_SIZE(MPI_COMM_WORLD, nproc, ierr)
>            write(*,*) "size=", nproc, ", rank=", rank
>            write(*,*) "start --, rcvbuf=", rcvbuf
>            CALL MPI_ALLREDUCE(sndbuf, rcvbuf, n,
>     &              MPI_DOUBLE_PRECISION, MPI_SUM, MPI_COMM_WORLD, ierr)
>            write(*,*) "end --, rcvbuf=", rcvbuf
>            CALL MPI_Finalize(ierr)
>        end
> (you could use "include 'mpif.h'", too -- I tried both)
> This program works fine for me.

I am observing same crash, as described in this thread (when executing
as "mpirun -np 2 mar_f_dp.exe"), even with above correct and simple
test program. I commented 'use mpi' as it gave me "Error in compiled
module file" error, so I used 'include "mpif.h"' statement (see

It seems that Windows specific issue, (I could run this test program
on Linux with openmpi-1.5.1).

Can anybody try this test program on Windows?

Thank you in advance.