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Subject: Re: [OMPI users] Bug in MPI_scatterv Fortran-90 implementation
From: Stanislav Sazykin (sazykin_at_[hidden])
Date: 2011-04-22 01:03:12


No, the patch did not solve the problem. Looking more,
there is another place where the interfaces come up, in in ompi/mpi/f90/scripts

If I manually change the two arguments to arrays from scalars
in both scripts after running configure but before "make",
then it works.

Stan Sazykin

On 4/21/2011 11:07, Jeff Squyres wrote:
> I do believe you found a bona-fide bug.
> Could you try the attached patch? (I think it should only affect f90 "large" builds) You should be able to check it quickly via:
> cd top_of_ompi_source_tree
> patch -p0< scatterv-f90.patch
> cd ompi/mpi/f90
> make clean
> rm mpi_scatterv_f90.f90
> make all install
> On Apr 21, 2011, at 10:37 AM, Stanislav Sazykin wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I came across what appears to be an error in implementation of
>> MPI_scatterv Fortran-90 version. I am using OpenMPI 1.4.3 on Linux.
>> This comes up when OpenMPI was configured with
>> --with-mpi-f90-size=medium or --with-mpi-f90-size=large
>> The standard specifies that the interface is
>> <type> SENDBUF(*), RECVBUF(*)
>> so that SENDCOUNTS and DISPLS are integer arrays. However, if
>> I compile a fortran code with calls to MPI_scatterv and compile
>> with argument checks, two Fortran compilers (Intel and Lahey)
>> produce fatal errors saying there is no matching interface.
>> Looking in the source code of OpenMPI, I see that in
>> ompi/mpi/f90/scripts, the script that
>> is invoked when running "make" produces Fortran interfaces
>> that list both SENDCOUNTS and DISPLS as
>> integer, intent(in) ::
>> This appears to be an error as it would be illegal to pass a scalar
>> variable and receive it as an array in the subroutine. I have not
>> figured out what happens in the code at this invocation (the code
>> is complicated), but seems like a segfault situation.
>> --
>> Stan Sazykin
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